CPT Yearly Dues

CPT Yearly Dues

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    Yearly dues to keep your CPT status current are due every year by January 31st 

    Become a Certified Piano Technician (CPT)

    First, become an APTN Lifetime member

    Second, Complete the CPT (Certified Piano Technician) Test or Interview for transferring your certification from another piano trade organization (We accept a transfer from most piano trade organizations including the Piano Technicians Guild, RPT, MPT, and international piano trade organizations.)

    Third, After you have passed the CPT test or Transfer Interview, you will receive confirmation and you will finalize your CPT status by paying your first year of CPT dues.

    Learn more about CPT status and how to become a certified technician.


    • You will have all your Lifetime Member benefits for being and APTN member.

    • Your name will be listed on the APTN CPT Find a Tech webpage under the Certified Technician Section. (Bonus: this helps boost your own web site's Search Engine Optimization and tells the world who you are!)

    • Your main web listing is created when you become certified.  You may update your web CPT listing at any time for a small fee. 

    • Use the CPT designation after your name on all of your marketing materials